The face of search engine optimisation is always changing. In 2015, there are several changes SEO companies need to take into account in order to provide a high quality service. Conversely, there are a number of pitfalls companies need to ensure they avoid. This article outlines the trends that should be followed, as well as those traps that should be avoided.

The do’s

There are a number of trends that are fast becoming essential to any successful SEO campaign. Many of the larger SEO companies have also cottoned on to these trends in 2014, and they are set to become even more important this year. Like most companies, WME Group review their processes on a regular basis, ensuring they are up to date with the latest trends. In fact, WME SEO campaigns are tweaked regularly in response to Google’s algorithm changes.

So what are the top trends of 2015?


Content was king in 2014, and it still is. Content needs to be in depth, informative and should not be loaded with keywords. In 2015, relevant information that uses language specific to an industry is important; keywords no longer play such a critical role.

Social media

Social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, can greatly influence an SEO campaign. A high percentage of site traffic these days comes from social media – Facebook is thought to be behind 20% of all traffic that websites receive! In addition, an active social media site, when linked to a business’s official website, has the ability to boost that site’s authority and therefore assist with achieving a higher results page (SERP) ranking.

The Don’ts

The do’s and don’ts go hand in hand; as mentioned, content shouldn’t be spammy, thin, repetitive or loaded with keywords. Keyword-stuffed ‘filler’ content is out, while informative, well-written content is in.

Blog articles

Often referred to as guest blogging, blog articles need to be of a high quality. Spammy, poorly written articles that have been created solely for the purpose of setting up backlinks are no longer a good idea. Think quality over quantity. Google wants to see well-written blogs that are of actual value to readers.


Once upon a time, an SEO company could survive with a few people in-house – outsourcing the majority of the work. As you may have noticed, Google is all about quality these days – quality website content, quality blog articles, quality backlinks. With this being the case, in-house teams are now the most reliable way to ensure all of these components are carried out to the necessary standards. Like most of the larger companies, WME search engine optimisation campaigns are carried out by in-house professionals who are true experts in their respective fields.


Think quality over quantity.

SEO is certainly a more costly process than it once was, but quality work is now the only way to ensure a high SERP rating. SEO techniques have changed a lot over the last few years, and in 2015 you can be sure that Google will force companies to change their processes yet again!